Roulette is said to be a game of pure chance. However, chance is said to happen when the opportunity to win meets a prepared player. It only means that the possibility of being lucky when that chance arrives requires positioning and strategy. These can be achieved when one has acquired enough skill and knowledge of the roulette wheel.

Although the roulette wheel slightly differs depending on whether it is the American, French or the European roulette, the strategies of increasing luck have been tested by experienced gamers. They have been found to be useful for players who crave for more than just fun, and who want to defy the rules of mathematical chance and become the outlier. Here are the secrets of the roulette wheel that when used strategically, can help one to defy chance.

  • However confusing the numbers of the wheel are, one has to master their positioning. Positioning involves where the highs and the lows are, the arrangement and colour of numbers and the placement of even and odd numbers. This informs the art of winning.
  • Since the wheel is rotated from time to time, it is subject to tear and wear. This is with the exception of online roulettes. The result is an increase in the imbalance on the wheel, making it biased. Playing on a single machine again and again can help a keen player to notice where the ball appears to fall more often. These are the set of winning numbers.
  • Always prefer using older roulette wheels. With the increase in technology, newer roulette wheels come with software that can help the house in determining whether biases exist and as such also enable them to make adjustments accordingly. Therefore, the efforts at studying these machines may not pay after all. However, older machines can be studied with precision, giving the player a chance to beat the house edge.