Hot Vegas Slot brings the fun and excitement of gaming on your hands through a smartphone. Based in Singapore and San Francisco, Hot Vegas Slot is managed by Super LuckyTM which has worked tirelessly over the years to develop new exciting games for players and improve the current games. The games include solitaire, video poker, blackjack 21, big2 and baccarat. With over 100,000 downloads, baccarat is believed to be one of the most liked table games in the industry. At Hot Vegas Slot, free chips are awarded daily for you to continue enjoying the game. The blackjack 21 is available for offline players, therefore, it enables an individual to play at their own pace, offering the best place for one to test their gaming skills and chances of winning. For iOS users, the game provides in-app buying for as low as $1.99 per pack. It’s available for most iOS and android versions, all inclusive of different languages to choose from. Popular among Asian countries like Hong Kong, Taiwan, Big 2 or Big Deuce is a game requiring 4 participants. The 1st to clear their cards is crowned victorious. This is currently available for Android users. Another game that is also most played is video poker which enables you to put your poker skills in use. In-app purchases for a range of bundles are available for apple’s iOS users. Game achievements are rewarded in completion of tasks assigned. Video poker is available for online modes where you can play against other people. Offline mode enables one to play against the computer. Other amazing games by Lucky Casino include slots games, solitaire, and Bingo Heaven. All these games are available for people who are above 12 years. Parental control is advised for those under 18 years before downloading of any games. The support system provides can explain how to play various games thus ensuring satisfaction for all players.