Blackjack is regarded as one of the best table games for earning some cash. It has grown over the years to become one of the most liked games in the casino industry. Learning and grasping the blackjack gaming strategies is very important. As a gamer, you need to know the effect of a strategy in a game before deploying it, because, this determines whether you will be losing or winning. Right from the basic to the most advanced tactic, the ultimate aim is to win and go home smiling. Playing this game all depends on the decisions you make during the game, which hold a great importance to the next move. Blackjack strategy is mathematical in nature. First, there is a basic strategy which has a unique order of functioning; the surrender option is only applicable on the 1st two cards. It should be considered since once a hit card is taken, surrender isn’t a choice. The second is whether to split? A spilt is better with two cards of value 10 or if the 1st and 2nd cards are paired. Then one should consider the doubling option, however, it tends to be limited by some operators. Doubling gives you a higher likelihood of emerging victorious. When a player is really out of options, the player can decide on whether to collect another card. The other strategy is controversial, involving card counting which is not allowed by some casinos. Some casinos will hire experienced staff to fish out the players who seem to be counting cards. Therefore, it requires good mental calculation to account for all the cards dealt and those remaining on the card deck. It’s after these estimates that a player can decide on when the stakes are high or low. Though it takes a lot of practice to master the card count. Overall, the chance of winning is higher with larger cards like Jacks, Queens, Kings. Blackjack is surely the game to test our mental skills and get entertained.